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Vintage Beauty How-to

Since graduating from my NCTJ course I have been a freelance writer. When the course was coming to a close my old boss from my Burlexe days got in touch and asked me to return to the fold. Here’s the best of beauty #bblog style, I wrote so far.

Burlexe is an online brand that also runs empowering theatrical burlesque shows. Like the ‘Vagina Monologues’ of burlesque, their revues share the stories of burlesque performers.

The brand is all about re-claiming your pedestal, shunning the media portrayal of femininity and basking in the vintage glamour of it all.

One of my favourite features that I started was how-tos on beauty secrets. Enjoy.

20s hairstylesFor some inspiration check out the Real Great Gatsby Icons.

Get the look with How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Short Hair, Eye Makeup Tips for Beginners and Red Lip Makeup Tips for Beginners.

For long haired lovelies try How to Burlesque Hairstyles for Long Hair. Add some va-va-voom with Eye Glitter Makeup.

If there’s any tutorials you’d like to see, give a comment and I’ll get on it. For more about Burlexe and to see mooore of my writing head to the website.