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Yeah Yeah Yeahs Live

Nine years ago Karen O was writhing on the stage of Brixton Academy, making obscene noises and dressed in a skeleton onesie. She was a woman before her time.

In 2004, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were part of the uber cool garage rock revival alongside The White Stripes, The Strokes, The Vines, The Hives and many more bands, beginning with ‘The’ and otherwise. It was the pre-Arctic Monkeys era. When you told people you were an indie girl they still replied, “But you wash too much.” Then this badass chick sang meaningful music that rocked. It was a love thing.

Nine years on, the world has moved forward. Downloads took over and Spotify stepped in. The OC isn’t the only show subliminally sharing indie in background music.  Arctic Monkeys debut album went to number one, sprouting mainstream acceptance of guitar bands. And of course everyone and their dog has a onesie. They’ve Facebooked, tweeted and Instagramed it with seemingly no self-awareness, even if it’s a selfie in Asda.

Yet, Islington Academy is crammed with Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans awaiting a sing-a-long-tastic, rock-your-balls-off gig. From their reaction no one is disappointed.

Karen O is in her usual avant garde get-up and despite a few hiccups, the new album delivers. Tracks like ‘Sacrilege’ fit seamlessly with fan-favourites like ‘Heads Will Roll’. This isn’t a nostalgia fuelled, hold your lighters in the air and re-live your youth spectacle. This is ‘We still do it better than most’. Don’t wait, see them now.

FYI, they streamed their album for free before its release. Still ahead of the times.

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(Main image from Live On 35mm)