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Here are the top burlesque articles with beauty inspiration, burlesque history and burlesque lessons. Here’s all you need to know to get started in the biz.

Burlexe Burlesque Articles

previously mentioned that I work with a London burlesque show and brand, the fabulous Burlexe. I began writing for them in 2011 and hadn’t realised how much I had written. FYI it’s a lot.

Burlesque History

Learning about burlesque history goes to the heart of what the Burlexe brand is about. Their shows share the herstory of showgirls. Think the ‘Vagina Monologues of Burlesque’.

It tells the stories of these amazing women who created the genre and work in the art form today. We could all learn a thing or two from this bawdy beauties.

One way I shared burlesque history with our readers is through a series on burlesque dancing through the decades.

I began with 1920s burlesque when striptease was introduced but the question is by whom? There has been a long-running dispute about the originator. Ooh intrigue.

Then 30s burlesque saw burlesque stars like Sally Rand and Gypsy Rose Lee arrive on the scene. Both these women are synonymous with burlesque and still influential today.

The golden era was undoubtedly 40s burlesque when professional peelers became headline honeys. They were living the high life.

The 1950s burlesque saw the arrive of the bad gals whose lives were as dramatic off stage as they were on.

I also edited a Guide to Showgirl Burlesque by British burlesque dancer, Bettsie Bon Bon. Then I wrote an in-depth History of Burlesque Dancing including the black burlesque dancing circuit.

Burlesque Beauty

Part of burlesque dancing is creating a stage persona and a big part of that transformation is stage makeup. These burlesque beauty posts offer makeup tutorials on the basics.

The tips and tricks to take them up to the next level add a splash of glamour to your life and some burlesque inspiration.

I took mixed vintage inspiration with glamour to find the best hairstyles for long hair out there. Not to leave anyone out, there’s also plenty of stunning short hairstyles.

I then came up with four key areas of eye makeup for beginners. This can then be taken up a notch with glitter eye makeup.

A staple of any beauty arsenal is applying red lip makeup perfectly. Whereas, a new beauty trend is bold lips. Thank me later!

Burlesque Dancing

Burlesque dancing allows women to express themselves, celebrate their sexuality and reclaim their pedestal. To get started there’s a few fun things that anyone can try.

Ditch the thigh gap and take your selfies to the next level by learning how to burlesque pose. A little cheesecake goes a long way.

You can add a sassy, cheeky twist and have fun in the boudoir by learning how to twirl tassels. You know you want to.

If you’re not ready to strip off your clothes then why not begin by learning to remove gloves. Likewise, learning to remove stockings can add a sexy twist to undressing.

There’s also a tutorial on how to learn burlesque dancing basics to get a feel for what a burlesque class would be like. Then sign yourself up!

Burlesque DIY

A lot of burlesque dancers have some serious costumier skills as the genre is imbued with DIY glamour. You can see how to make pasties and nipple tassels and burlesque heels.

Burlesque Culture

Burlesque dancing does not stand in a vacuum. It has been interpreted in many different forms and in many fun ways.

To get to know more about burlesque history there’s my list of ten must-have burlesque books. Moreover, you can put off the Netflix for one night and indulge in these burlesque documentaries.

Burlesque dancing has even seen seen in pop culture with some stunning celebrity burlesque and burlesque TV scenes.

Striptease and showgirl glamour has been seen in burlesque films (and boylesque). Alike is these burlesque soundtrack songs to practice your own routines.

Not to forget the Burlesque film and if you haven’t seen it then I summed it up in ten hilarious gifs.

What is Burlesque?

If you want to know what burlesque means then this all-new video sums it up in 70 seconds.