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Black Gold Engagement Rings

This year is all about making a statement with your jewellery, being just the right amount of excessive and showcasing your individuality. The latest lines move from casual to formal while keeping a sense of whimsy and cool. Here’s our list of the top five must-have trends of 2013.

Ebony Rings

Black gold rings with colourful rocks have been popping up on the market. Art Masters has begun offering a range of colourful metals adorned with (not so) precious stones by Art Masters this year. Though, all the bands grab your attention, the ebony rings are easily the most fierce and fabulous.
This playful collection shows the growing interest in classic styles with a modern and eye catching twist. Some of the new line may even seem cartoonish but this proves that in 2013 people are willing to experiment, make a statement and not take themselves too seriously. This look may also be here to stay as these rings are being marketed as bridal jewellery so it’s one to keep in mind.

Acrylic Catchphrases

In the same vain, is the fun jewellery designer everyone is talking about, Tatty Devine. The past 12 months has seen an explosion of interest in this range and you can see why. The comic strip “POW” fashion trend was in full force this season and only seems to be gaining momentum. Luckily for Tatty Devine they fit right in.

Their mixture of bold acrylic and chunky chains will not only get you noticed but incite envy. Most recently, they began offering a 90s throwback dog on wheels as a brooch.

Bejewelled Necklaces

Acrylic isn’t for everyone so if you’re looking for texture and style without the wooden dogs and plastic then check out CUCHARA. They create incredibly intricate and wonderful handmade pieces.

Their excessively bejewelled chunky chain necklaces will be the focal point of any outfit. The range can be worn almost as a choker to ensure no one misses these colourful pieces.

Layers Layers Layers

Festivals have been influencing fashion ever since their phenomenal resurgence over the past few years. From feathers to daisy chains, we’ve all given fest fashion a whirl. Now, the grunge chic trend is back in full force alongside the Cara Delevignes of this world, the two come together and you get layering, layering, layering.

Long, slim chains of differing lengths, colours and petite pendants can add a touch of rock chick to any look. Whether it’s in a field or strutting down the high street these additions scream cool.


To take more of a bold calculated risk this year you can showcase the cascading arm chain. Now available from Black Thorn Jewellery, among others, this look will help you stand out from the crowd in 2013.

The design may look like it just stepped out of Game of Thrones but it can go from any sleeveless day shirt to your feminine evening dress in the switch of an outfit. Either in silver or gold, the adornment can add intrigue and interest to your wardrobe this year.