Donald Faison and Zach Braff Video


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HappinessThat time of year is almost upon us when we spend what little money we have on other people, eat too much and drink a lot more. I, for one, can’t wait. To get you in the holiday spirit, here’s a little video reunion of the Scrubs duo singing the Frank Loesser classic. Continue reading

Filipe Gomes Co-creator of Left Turn 4 Records Interview


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LT4 Records

Filipe Gomes & The Jigsaw Pieces hail from Canterbury, Kent and now the singer-songwriter is making a splash with his unique approach to running a record label including mixtapes (on actual cassettes), a gig on a boat and handwritten letters. Left Turn 4 Records was started by Filipe Gomes and co. in 2006 because they, “Couldn’t really be bothered to look for record deals” and saw out 2012 with a string of live shows. Continue reading

News: Happy Birthday Amanda Seyfried


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Amanda SeyfriedHappy birthday to the cute and crazy actress Amanda Seyfried who burst onto the scene as silly and sexy air-head Karen in Mean Girls. Since then the Les Misérables star has tried her hand at many projects and continues to wow audiences at every turn. Continue reading

News: NCTJ Portfolio in Pics


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NCTJ jandoutsCurrently, I’m living in Brighton and studying my NCTJ so I can be a qualified journalist. Oh yeah, I can feel your envy.

A big part of my course involves creating a portfolio of my (hopefully published) work. So, this is a picture post of the writing I’ve been doing, for you to enjoy and hopefully share. Continue reading

The UK Million-selling Singles


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UK No1

The UK Singles Chart celebrated 60 years and the Official Charts Company (OCC) has compiled a book on The Million Sellers. Despite fear over the crumbling music industry, its downfall and saviour could still come from the internet as 2012 was another record-breaking year for singles sales. There are still only 123 entries that have reached the cream of the crop and earned their place as part of the million-sellers. Continue reading

Robyn live at O2 Brixton Academy


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An ear pounding monologue queued the band’s entrance before the electro pixie strutted onto the stage in giant flatforms and a fashionably oversized blazer to kick-off ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’ proving her polished 90s pop star roots are long gone.

Continue reading

Girls HBO First Series Review


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You may have heard the hype and comparisons to Sex and the City for the double-dip recession generation because like the women have real bodies and real sex. It’s shocking that this kind of thing is allowed on TV isn’t it? Continue reading

WWE 13: 10 Special Guest Referees Who Should Be Included


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Referees in professional wrestling can almost be as legendary as the performers themselves. Earl Hebnar, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda and Charles Robinson are names that are very familiar with wrestling fans and with good reason. Whether they are directly involved in some of the most controversial decisions ever found in sports entertainment (like the Montreal Screwjob) or simply cannon fodder for newly-pushed badasses, referees are at the heart of the business. Continue reading