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The Strokes 2013 Review

Rough Trade Records, March 2013

After a five year wait for Angles and the odd separation of band members during recording, you’d be forgiven for thinking The Strokes’ days were numbered. Luckily, you’d be wrong. The noughties uber-cool pretty boys have polished off oversized sunglasses and reunited in the studio to bring us their fifth studio album Comedown Machine.

For those still sucking on a Marlboro in their thrift shop blazer and ripped skinny jeans, awaiting the return of Is This It roughed-up garage rock then look no further than first single ‘All The Time’. It’s token fanservicing at its best. The track is a welcome return to form and will momentarily slake your thirst for hip thrusting indie rock.

The Strokes, however, have largely moved on from 70s nostalgia to tackle a new decade. Well not-new. The album begins as ‘Tap Out’ harnesses 80s electropop gold that would slide beautifully into indie flick Drive’s soundtrack. Similarly, the inexplicably high vocals of ‘One Way Trigger’ sound as if Jules is channelling a gaggle of 80s boy bands through his crotch. In a good way.

The Strokes’ transition is almost complete and who knows, one day they may be re-birthing their debut sound as an homage to the millennium’s early years. Until then expect catchy tunes, a tighter band and giggles during the humorous cynicism of ‘Welcome To Japan’.

Originally published in Music Week under Staff Pick.