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Born Ruffians Birthmarks Review

Yep Roc, March 2013

The world of youth has become a festering pool of cliché -driven Tumblr memes and unflattering beanie hats. The weather’s still British and X Factor is still going. We all need an injection of pep because the Jagerbombs aren’t quite doing it anymore. Enter these Canadian indie rockers who seem pretty happy in their brand of misery.

The now four-piece, Born Ruffians, have been struggling on the periphery for a few years but their latest offering is worth the wait. Simple drum beats and staccato guitars will lift you joyously from your doldrums in the first tune and standout track, ‘Needle’.

Allegedly the band shied away from Vampire Weekend comparisons and ended up sounding more like Fleet Foxes, either way it’s pretty ear-pleasing.

Birthmarks drops towards the middle in a lull of slow-dance pop – no-one said they were perfect – but thankfully ‘Rage Flows’ kicks it back a notch in the midst of time.

Though Born Ruffians prove they can do the White Lies, melancholia as well as the next brooding band in ‘So Slow’.

Hopefully the group will be swept in with the latest wave of indie pop young’uns alongside Haim and Peace. Then, finally, clubs can have some new additions to their playlists beyond the days of yore, the Arctic Monkeys era and Katy Perry The Movie: Part of Me soundtrack.

Originally published in Music Week under Staff Pick.