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From the ingenious mind of Kathleen Timbs. She sums up two very complex social ideas in such a beautiful format. And for that Insightful Waffle thank her.

There was a page on the original Insightful Waffle website that was dedicated to my friend’s artwork and was going to map some of the best street art I find on my travels or contributed by others. (Click the images for bigger versions, if you can’t read them)

Unfortunately, we lost Kathleen in the year of our launch. I wish to make this post to share my favourite pieces of her work (which were on the website originally) and what I wrote previously for my dear friend.

RIP Kathleen Timbs
04/12/87 – 18/06/11
Her involvement in Insightful Waffle alone shows her commitment as a friend, her creativity and humour. She will be remembered by many for her quirky, witty stories and cartoons through school and her leadership in Leeds Uni RockSoc. Her friendship was cherished by many and she will be sorely missed. Stalking her till she would be my friend is literally one of the best things I have done with my life and I’m sure the legacy of her friendship will live on with many people. I will be forever grateful for all the help she has given me and all the fun we had together. – Insight.

The title image is of a friend, me and Kathleen. I’m the bunny in the top image and she’s the cat, as per our Fursonas (ie. if you were an animal what would you be, apparently I’m a bunny-fox hybrid due to alcohol giving me dutch-courage).

This picture came out of an ongoing joke between us about the nature of independent music, especially during the years when it began to be engulfed by the mainstream.

This strip perfectly embodies many student nights but I would never say no to a quick game and then my dormant fox (Hyde) side would appear.
Finally, this is a comic strip of me which, anyone who knows me, finds immense enjoyment in.