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Referees in professional wrestling can almost be as legendary as the performers themselves. Earl Hebnar, Nick Patrick, Mike Chioda and Charles Robinson are names that are very familiar with wrestling fans and with good reason. Whether they are directly involved in some of the most controversial decisions ever found in sports entertainment (like the Montreal Screwjob) or simply cannon fodder for newly-pushed badasses, referees are at the heart of the business.

And of course, you cannot ignore the role of the special guest referee, where a wrestler or celebrity usually takes up the role for specific story line reasons. With the release of the newest WWE 13 game imminent, here is my list of the 10 Special Guest Referees Who Should Be Included.

1) Mick Foley

One of the most prolific special guest referees in all of wrestling’s history has to be the Hardcore Legend himself, Mick Foley. The matches he has officiated include some of these gems:

Vince McMahon vs Shane McMahon – WrestleMania 17

Lita/Trish Stratus vs Stacy Keibler/Torrie Wilson (Bra and Panties Match) – Invasion

Jonathan Coachman vs Hornswoggle – Raw

Dusty Rhodes vs Jerry Lawler – International Wrestling Cartel

Jeff Jarrett vs Kurt Angle – Bound for Glory IV

Well, some of them are famous at least.

If ever you need a talented speaker to motivate a person and then be attacked by the other guy, setting up a match, there’s only one guy that you need. Plus, his flannel shirt is awesome, especially if it would appear in-game.

Including rumours that he will be the guest referee for the CM Punk vs John Cena WWE title match at Hell In A Cell (come on, we all know it’s happening), you cannot have a wrestling game without including Mrs Foley’s baby boy.

2) Muhammad Ali

In my opinion, he was the first Special Guest Referee of any importance. Officiating the very first WrestleMania main event of Hulk Hogan/Mr. T vs. Roddy Piper/Paul Orndorff, a worldwide hero in the form of the best boxer ever born would be a humungus asset in cementing WrestleMania as the company’s best event.

Even more notable is the ending of the match, where Ali knocked out Piper by punching him straight in the mush, creating one of the most famous photos in WWE‘s history.

The prospect of seeing Ali strut his stuff around the ring while refereeing would be really fun and just imagine him taking all the attention away from the action in the ring. Technically a terrible ref then, but you know…

3) Nick Patrick

More specifically, the Nick Patrick that was bought by the n.W.o. He was the official referee for the n.W.o., so was therefore in a surprising position of power in the company at the time.

For the Souled Out PPV in 1997, Patrick officiated every single match and was a fully fledged heel for the duration. Often refusing to count pinfalls, conveniently not seeing members interfering and ignoring cheating, he was the plague of many fans during the n.W.o days.

This version of Patrick would be best for the game and linking his involvement with being an active competitor during the Invasion angle of 2001, would be a great addition.

4) Charles Robinson

In much the same vein as the n.W.o Nick Patrick, Charles Robinson was bought by Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen as their personal referee in 1999.

Always awarding the Horsemen decisions and generally favouring them, Randy Savage became quickly enraged and challenged Robinson to face his girlfriend, Gorgeous George, at Slamboree ’99.

In a hilarious set of events, Robinson became ‘Little Naitch‘; entering the ring in a robe ala Flair, copying his mannerisms, strut and ‘woo’ catchphrase. Although he lost, he entertained thousands with his antics and would be an asset to any game.

This man needs to be a referee in matches for the game, if only for the hilarity that would result in a nicely timed WOO in between counts.

5) Mark “Slick” Johnson

A WCW and TNA staple, Johnson is famous for being a, should we say, eccentric referee. Brought into WCW by Scott Steiner as an unethical ref (I sense a pattern with WCW referees…), he was quickly elevated to member of the n.W.o.

Johnson had black and white paint on top of his head, wore an n.W.o. logo on his shirt and had a whistle around his neck for the duration of his allegiance.

He declined to join the WWE, turning up at TNA in future months. Often wearing crazy uniforms including elaborate bow ties, football-like shorts and a completely bald head, he made a career of being different than any referee in history.  And this is why he should be included as DLC.

6) Daivari

Chosen by Kurt Angle as his personal referee in late 2005, Daivari came back to WWE after the doomed Muhammed Hassan gimmick.

Starting as the referee for the HBK/John Cena vs. Kurt Angle/Chris Masters, he quickly favoured the heels and became a key cheater for Angle in future weeks.

After showing his loyalty, Angle announced that Daivari was to ref all of his matches, including the WWE title match between himself and John Cena at the 2005 Survivor Series. Although this was quickly changed by Vince McMahon, his loyalty meant that Angle kept him as his personal referee.

After both men jumped ship to Smackdown, Daivari accidentally cost Angle his match against HBK, where they argued and eventually fought after he slapped Angle in anger.

The relationship broke down, and he wasn’t used as a referee again. However, seeing a referee wearing Arabic dress and shouting in Persian would be amusing, especially if given the chance to perform multiple Angle Slams on him…

7) Nunzio

He kept the position for most of 2011, before leaving the company in September. Although he didn’t have many notable events in his referring career, it would be fun to be able to play AS him in the game, as a ref and drop people with the Sicilian Slice if they are breaking the rules.

Or, of course, ejecting managers from the ring with an Arrivederci.

8) Taryn Terrell

The former Tiffany, General Manager of the ECW in WWE, Terrell is currently the official Knockouts referee for the company.

And it’s probably the best decision the company has ever made.

After being brought into TNA by Brooke Hogan, Terrell does what she does best; stand there and look absolutely gorgeous.

While fans know that it took considerable effort for her to do anything while she performed under Tiffany, it’s a different story here. And as one of the few female referees in history (apart from bit part performers, like Jacqueline), it would do female wrestling stars a lot of good.

9) Mike Tyson

You cannot have a list like this without the Baddest Man on the Planet. Although he is a playable character in the game, the option of using him as his ‘Special Enforcer’ role would be a great addition.

Obviously, Tyson‘s contribution to WWE is legendary. Heralding in the Attitude Era, Austin and HBK were involved in a feud that would elevate Austin to his untouchable reputation he has now. After Stone Cold flipped off Tyson, he was aligned to DX and put into the role as Special Enforcer for the main event match.

Everyone knows what happened thereafter and Tyson alone propelled the WWE into stratospheric popularity. After counting three, turning face by joining Austin and knocking HBK out, Tyson was solidified as a non-wrestling legend, and is now a Hall of Famer.

Having him in this role would be cool as he could come in an count if the referee gets knocked out during a match or be involved in helping out a competitor if he gets abused.

Plus, it’s Mike Tyson, what other reason do you need?

10) Chuck Norris

Now now, I’m not just saying this because I’m a fan of  year old memes. Chuck Norris was actually a special outside referee for the Undertaker vs. Yokozuna casket match at Survivor Series 1994.

I know, right.

He was brought into the match as a deterrent because Yoko kept using outside interference to his benefit. Norris, being a badass, was clearly the only man suitable enough to be involved in this match and was ushered in with surprisingly minimal hype.

He was a key man in many spots during the match; stopping Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy from interfering and super kicking Jeff Jarrett out being highlights. As Undertaker won, Norris celebrated too and was never seen in WWE again.

The prospect of Chuck Norris appearing as a special guest referee and kicking all kinds of rogue ass would be an awesome addition to the game and with the new found legacy of Norris from the internet, I can guarantee they would ship more copies from this content alone.

Besides, don’t we all want to super kick Double J right in his face…