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It was revealed last week that Myspace will be re-launching … again. But how does it compare to previous reiterations of the doomed social networking/musical extravaganza?

Well, from the looks of it, very well indeed.

Everything about the new Myspace  screams minimalistic. The sign up is simple, the social network integration is simple, the Pintrest-like design is simple. Effectively, it’s what we all remember Facebook being before it decided to change its appearance every year.

There lies the problem: the comparison to Facebook will never be extinguished. Everyone knows by now that Myspace has lost the race to becoming a social network giant and it is evident in the costs – News Corp sold Myspace in June for $35 million, just 6% of the original $580m purchase price, to Specific Media.

So what makes this latest attempt of a return any different to before?

Quite honestly…just look at it.

The design looks to be a mix of the aforementioned sensation of Pintrest mixed with the tablet-like design of the newest Windows 8 OS. It’s beautiful. Although if you’re not a fan of Justin Timberlake, it’s probably best if you steer clear.

Not only is the video littered with the man but he is responsible for the re-launch. Himself and a group of investors form the Specific Media outlet that bought Myspace as described earlier. But that isn’t a negative in any way, seeing as Myspace will continue with their entertainment led platform rather than their social media heavy functions like other insights.

Indeed, the fact that you can sign up using your Facebook or Twitter log-ins is indicative of the fact that this isn’t strictly Myspace of old. Just like how they revamped their product in the late 2000s to turn from a Facebook wannabe into a music led  juggernaut for new and old artists.

The real question then is not whether the new Myspace will compete with other networking sites but how well they do against other music led sites like Spotify, Pandora, Last.fm and even iTunes.

The release of the new Myspace is as yet unknown but by visiting https://new.myspace.com/ you can enter your email to get invited to the beta when it is revealed. Also, check out the video to gawk at the beautiful simplicity that could potentially be the next big thing. Again.

Hey, at least it’ll beat Google+ (but let’s face it, it isn’t hard).