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It’s my birthday. Yay. Don’t worry, I scheduled this post. I have a life beyond this blog, honestly I do but I’ve got a lil something for you guys.

Well … it’s not all that exciting, as I’ve made you guys a present. Using my Christmas desktop background gift to you as a basis, I made an all-girl version. OK so I made it for me but you’re welcome to it too.

Once again, I’ve included the people who are talented (whether as actresses, models, musicians, writers or comedians) and inspire me. Plus they’re rather pretty and coerce me to use my Mixtape: Sweaty Betty because we all know being slimmer makes you more attractive and happy.

(From left to right: Gillian JacobsZooey Deschanel, Cat MarnellAlison Mosshart, Dita Von TeeseRobyn, Emma Watson, Emmy The Great, Kate Moss x6 and Carey Mulligan.)

I know some of my choices may be controversial. I mean some people just find Zooey Deschanel that bit too kooky.

Also there’s Vice writer and self-proclaimed drug-user Cat Marnell. The reason she’s in the mix is because I think her use of both autobiographical and beauty writing at xoJane made her articles more interesting and far more realistic than the norm.

With titles like 3 Fall Fragrances to Spray in the Eyes of Your Creepy Deli Guy, Kevin, Who Won’t Stop Touching You (and then Wildly All Over Yourself) how could you help but be intrigued? If nothing else the woman inspires opinions, as you can see below any one of her Vice articles.

So now I’ve put that out there, I hope you likey and use wisely. Happy birthday to me! Who would you include in your line up? Share your opinions and desktop backgrounds, it is my day after all.

Lesley Gore – ‘It’s My Party’ (1965)