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On Monday (23rd July) I headed to the Olympic site in Stratford, London for the rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony. My aunt had volunteered for the Olympics and got offered a free ticket to the event which she gave me as an early birthday present, yay.

Luckily, the weather was beautiful. Security was similar to airports with no liquids allowed but soldiers doing the checks. Once in the grounds, I decided to have a wander around before getting ice cream and finding my seat (the sun was out, it’s how we do). The highlight of my travels was the many many people complaining about queuing, it warmed my heart (#ProudToBeBritish).

(Yeah I use Instagram, don’t hate.)

After the Culture Show special, I have a new-found appreciation for the Orbit Tower (pictured above). It certainly makes an impression and with a little insight into its creation, the BBC‘s propaganda worked. I love it.

After getting seated, the set-up for the pre-industrial country setting began. To warm up the crowd Frank Turner performed on a hill. His music was a bit niche to create a party atmosphere but it got the events rolling.

During the rehearsal the crowd were taught how to use pixels (to create lights and effects  on the audience), how to bounce balls around (like we were seals) and how to be the sea using a sheet (as you can see in the picture below). Danny Boyle even came out to explain the event and thank the audience (who mostly got their tickets from volunteers) and we were asked to #SaveTheSurpise.

The rehearsal of the Opening Ceremony was very similar to the actual event. The only things missing were a few video clips, the athletes and Olympic cauldron. Darn good stuff but happily watched from my sofa.

Rowan Atkinson was there though, playing the keyboard and by the opening night the helicopter arriving over the stadium was brilliantly explained, with the Queen and James Bond “jumping” from the helicopter.

I was astounded by the transformation to an industrial society and loved the tribute to the NHS. For me, the Opening Ceremony proved how brilliant British music is, during the medley of music through-the-ages.


How did you spend the Olympic Opening Ceremony? Have you got tickets? Are you avoiding the Olympics? Well you’re not doing a very good job, sorry.