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The internet has democratised the media (kinda), allowed for freedom of speech and has given everyone the chance to find nude pics from the latest celebrity leak. Though cats are the ones “winning” more than Charlie Sheen right now.

Our feline friends have become beloved and celebrated across the internet. Popular websites include the cat pics and funny captions of Lolcats, Cats That Look Like Hitler which speaks for itself (hopefully not literally) and Kittenwar where two cat photos go head to head and you ruthlessly choose your favourite (BEWARE: All websites in this list are highly addictive).

If (like me) you think that there can’t be enough cats on the internet then Meowbify is for you. It will transform the pictures from any website.

The Low Down

You enter a URL into the website and then it automatically takes you to a new URL, where the original website’s pictures have become cat pictures.

Here is one I made earlier.

Now you can have your day brightened and be tickled by cats all day long. Well your eyeballs will be tickled. Although it wouldn’t change Insightful Waffle too much, as half the pictures on here are of cats.

If you want more cat love than this, I mentioned my favourite cat to follow on Twitter in my Mixtape: The Cure For A Pain In The ArseSnacks the cat, whose owner is Bethany Cosentino frontwoman of Best Coast, is adorable so head over and follow ASAP.

Share the websites you’ve brightened with Meowbify, share your favourite cat pics and which cat I should follow on Twitter. Cat it up!

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