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Mock The Week – Things You Wouldn’t Hear On A Political Discussion Show

I’m a fan of comedy political panel shows and I have the DVDs to prove it. So when a Mock The Week satirised Question Time (they don’t say that’s the show they’re making fun of but you know they’re thinking it), well look at the above picture.

BBC put up this video of Mock The Week last week (21st June) and I have been sharing it ever since. I’m almost surprised it took them till series 11 to do it (or at least for me to see them do it).

This episode sees host Dara O’Brien, regulars Hugh DennisAndy Parsons and Chris Addison with guests Carl DonnellyJo Caulfield, and Milton Jones.

Lots of viewers miss former members of the show Russell Howard and Frankie Boyle. They had good chemistry with other comedians and controversy, I think the show has survived well with recurring guests like odd ball Milton Jones. But I have heard loud rants about Chris Addison not being funny.

For me the show has lost it’s edge in Frankie Boyle and Addison isn’t exactly the cutsie younger comedian Russell Howard was. Plus I can’t look at him the same after her was in the terrible fifth and sixth series of Skins. Mock The Week appealed to a wider demographic with them but this skit made up for it, significantly.

Who made the best joke? Do you miss the old regulars? Any jokes to add? Let me know.