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Nerd Alert Burlesque from CollegeHumor

This week’s choice is from comedy video maestros CollegeHumor and you may think “Of all the videos you could have chosen, why!?” well nerd meets women-taking-their-clothes-off is strangely something this heterosexual woman is interested in (it’s a colourful and diverse world, go with it; it’s a blog I’ll explain myself soon enough).

As an intern at PR & Digital Media company All-Leo, I worked for the brand Burlexe as blogger and stage manager. Burlexe is a live show of burlesque monologues and performances. And yes my job involved catching women’s clothes. It was honestly one of the best jobs I’ve had (I’ve had quite a few).

During my time as an intern I wrote an article, for Australia Day about geeky burlesque called Australian burlesque takes pop-culture prisoner. Star Wars characters have often been adapted but it was great to see someone else spreading the word.

It may be geeky or nerdy but gaming makes more money than Hollywood and it’s great to see that aspect influencing the sexy, satirical world of burlesque.

What do you think of the shows in the video? Would you go to one or have you been to one? Have you ever dressed as a gaming character? Ever stripped as one? Lets share our war stories.