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The brilliant British actress has quickly become one of my favourites, with a growing list of must-see films and awards under her belt. Plus she seems like a genuinely intelligent and sweet woman.

In 2011 I included Carey Mulligan in my Christmas gift of a desktop background, I’m nothing if not generous. Her other accolades include a BAFTA for her leading role as Jenny in An Education also getting a Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination. A brilliant coming-of-age tale, female-focused, chic and insightful.

There’s a lot of buzz around Carey Mulligan‘s next role as Daisy Buchanan in Fitzgerald‘s The Great Gatsby. When I heard she was playing this character, it made complete sense. The film will also star Leonardo DiCaprio so there’s a lot of hype to live up to. If you are one of the few people who didn’t study the book at school, it’s highly recommended (but I always say that before watching a film, I’m that annoying bitch).

She also starred in the 2010 film adaptation of Never Let Me Go, 2011’s indie flick Drive (which I couldn’t stop raving about) and the 2011 exploration of sexual addiction in Shame co-starred with the wonderful Michael Fassbender. Though the latter gained some attention for an unmissable and yet inappropriate Hungarian advertisement, can you guess why?

Carey Mulligan was endeared to me even more by beginning her career on the film adaptation of Pride & Prejudice and the BBC‘s Charles Dickens adaptation Bleak House. As you can see there’s a long list for you to sink your teeth into before The Great Gatsby‘s release in summer 2013.

The Great Gatsby Trailer