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Happy birthday to the multi-talented and co-frontman to The Mighty BooshJulian Barratt.The British comic is also known as a multi-instrumentalist, producer and most recently for making his directing debut.

Best known for his role as Howard Moon in the often psychadelic, surrealist cult comedy The Mighty Boosh. Along with his sparkly co-star Noel FieldingJulian Barratt co-wrote the former BBC Three show.

The Mighty Boosh really reached its stride in The Mighty Boosh Live Tour. Though their Zoo-keeper characters were born in the UK on Paramount, followed by a radio show, TV series and multiple live shows. Hopefully one day the new characters introduced in their Future Sailors Tour will be put through their paces and tweaked to return The Mighty Booshto their former glory, after their sorely disappointing last tour.

In March 2012, Julian Barratt directed the new promo video for indietronic New YorkersTanlines, titled ‘All Of Me’. Talking to NME.com about his latest venture he said “I just wanted a lot of odd people basically. I didn’t want it to be in a particular time or place. The people are dressed slightly 1950s, but it looks like the 1970s. I want it to look like it’s being filmed in East Germany in 1981.”

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Tanlines – ‘All of Me’

You can get Tanlines‘ debut LP Mixed Emotions for free here.