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This week Dutch design studio Elroy Klee revealed a photo shoot using LEGO pieces to create hair styles, for an advertisement campaign. The hairdos had a pixilated appearance, making them current and retro, all at the same time.

The campaign was titled Mindplay: Bricks on Me, with custom-made wigs being expertly balanced by the models. The wigs came in a black afro, a La Roux style red quiff and long blonde locks.

These images look fantastic, if somewhat impractical. “Lego haircuts” have become a stereotype of indie scenesters and now we can all have one, if you’re willing to stay very very still. The term for this hair style was notably used by grindie, new ravers Hadouken! in their early single ‘That Boy, That Girl’ to describe indie kids, enjoy it below.

Hadouken! – ‘That Boy That Girl’