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The almost impenetrable genius of the American cult comedy have been teasing fans with a will they/ won’t they comeback for far too long. Now plans are being made, they continue to be unconventional.

Fast-paced sitcom Arrested Development has adapted to its cult status for the upcoming series. Most of us discovered the series on DVD and the entire fourth season will be debuted on Netflix, in one go. Boom.

You will be able to watch all ten episodes in a back-to-back marathon session like the box sets you’ve become accustomed to. This kind of service allows viewers to choose how they wish to view the show and how quickly, allowing for repetitions.

As creator Mitch Hurwitz said “There’s going to be some mystery sprinkled throughout this, [but] instead of watching one a week and try to get ahead of it, the hope is [fans] will watch them all together and then go back and look for clues and connections”

The real threat of this kind of viewing is spoilers. If you’re not ready for the release you could accidentally have it all ruined by a chatty insomniac or a Twitter trend. It’s unavoidable we’ll all have to go the whole hog and have no radio contact till the fourth series has been consumed.

Luckily the fourth series has been confirmed, after six years and will be filmed this summer. The movie and further series still seems to be under discussion, hopefully they won’t break momentum and will keep ’em coming. Until then our advice is enjoy Community and live in hope:

Arrested Development Trailer