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The Dutch four-piece are formed from Joep and Iskaa. Following their debut album Love & Other Perversities they’ve now brought out their follow up for digital download.

Following Radiohead‘s 2007 digital download album In Rainbows selling online for “name your price”, straight-to-the-fans album sales have become more popular. Many people think this new, innovative technique of selling music could save the music industry.

bandcamp.com offers artists the opportunity to sell their music and merch straight to the fans and The Sugarettes have signed up with their second album Destroyers of Worlds. You can buy the album for a price you choose or listen for free online.

Lo-fi frothy pop quartet The Sugarettes are at the forefront of the Eindhoven indie music scene. Their eleven track new album discuss’ sex, passion and infatuation. The two vocalists are now intertwined in an inter-band relationship there’s an added level of drama and chemistry brought to the lyrics.

Find the album here.

The Sugarettes – ‘Destroyers of Worlds’