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Lots of people are put off by online dating becaue they have a fear of the unknown. It’s particularly focused on talking to and meeting people they don’t know or “giving in” (which I think means: accepting you want a relationship). Well not to fear, I am here to share my weirdest messages so you know my worst experiences.

Most messages just say something along the lines of “Hey, I saw your profile, you seem cool, wanna chat?” or the more self-concious “This seems really weird but I came across your profile and I really like Game of Thrones and festivals too …“. These are polite, if not always succinct and you can choose to reply or not, simples.

On the rare occassion and I stress that it is very rare, you get some odd messages. I previously mentioned the worst case scenario, where someone asked my name and I told him my username. He then procceeded to look up my real name and read articles I’d written at University. Luckily online dating is very similar to social networking websites and you can easily block these people. For your entertainment, here are some of my favouties:

music + litterature + sociologie + french = emile durkheim singing, maybe your idol hahaha

The thing I found most annoying about this message was the bad spelling and lack of capital letters. I have no idea why someone would send a stranger this message. Block.

Then there’s those sleazy messages which you assume were sent to you under the influence of alcohol. Here’s a little example:

Wow, so you’re a bit of a babe! Nice photos 🙂

Sorry, now that I’ve got that out of the way… How’s it going? You look pretty cool from your profile, so I thought I’d get in touch.

Take a look and my profile and say hi if you want to. Also, let me know how you’d respond to me suggesting something rude 😉

Honestly, I have only ever received two such messages and they aren’t even wholly terrible. There’s less to fear than you think.

My top tip:

If a message is inappropriate or offensive block them, if you’re not into that kinda thing.

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