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After many years in the music biz, frontman Jason “J. Spaceman” Pierce has carved his niche. The line-up may change but the integrity to his sound has not been lost. Spiritualized may not be Bowie’s spaceman but his brand of psychedelic is British to the bone.

The first reverb lulls you into the belief that you’re hearing some down and dirty, lo-fi space rock. First single from the album, ‘Hey Jane’ kicks it off after the brief build-up of an intro in ‘Huh?’. The background music reaches its full flow and an intertwining orchestra bursts into life, adding epic heights to tracks like ‘Get What You Want’.

The wonderful cool-down ebb and life lessons of ‘Too Late’ draws the listeners into the melancholy. He passes on his Mother’s broken wisdom about never getting too close so you never get burned, before the guitar shredding ‘Heading for the Top’ . Pierce’s quiet drawling vocals underlies the chaos you’re thrown into.

The album continues to move in waves, bringing you up and pulling you back down and keeping you on your toes. ‘I Am What I am’ is a highlight of the album with blues running through Pierce’s squeaking, twanging riffs and the femme backing vocals, adding a retro chic and charm.

If you’re not a Spiritualized fan their seventh studio album Sweet Heart, Sweet Light won’t change your mind. But if you’re new to the band then definitely give them a go, if only to have an opinion.

Spiritualized – ‘Hey Jane’