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679 Recordings, April 2012

The second album from the Welsh songstress Marina & The Diamonds isn’t due to be released until the 30th of this month, along with a Deluxe Edition that adds four bonus tracks. Though not to fear, we’re giving you a sneak peek of the whole she bang.

The second track from Electra Heart, ‘Primadonna’ clasps you with its overt pop feel, unsurprisingly synthesisers are not too far away from its ingredients. Its playful and honest lyrics are shrouded in the all too recognised sarcasm seen in most of the quirky songs.

‘Home Wrecker’ takes a reflective spin, commenting on the awareness we are all showered in after relationships. While ‘Sex Yeah’ gives the album a conscious spin, berating all those that wear short shorts and tops that leave nothing to the imagination.

Deluxe-only track ‘Radioactive’ screams energy and strength. Yet, when listening to the lyrics closely you can’t help feeling the hurt and heartache which perforate through each lyric. Perhaps this is the song in which you drown your pain, undoubtedly accompanied with a large glass of wine. The same also goes for the track ‘Power and Control’ which can be found on both releases, harnessing synthesisers to add to each track’s darkness.

The introspective lyrics of tracks like ‘Starring Role’ and ‘Fear and Loathing’ are slightly too heavy, it feels as though you are about to witness someone being committed to an institution. While this album may have done very well during the winter blues, it may fail to impress during summer heights.

Electra Heart is not exciting enough though there’s continuity as each track carries on elements from the previous one. After the second and third listen you may like a few more songs, as is usually the case lyric-focused music. Fans of Marina & The Diamonds will find her latest album may be just below average.

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