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Music can help cure many ailments, as you saw from our last mixtape The Cure For A Pain In The Arse. The morning after can be one of those time when some good ole music will do the trick (but there’s only so many times you can play The Pixies – ‘Where Is My Mind?’ before starting your own Fight Club).

They Call Me Mellow Yellow, It’s Liver Damage is going to ease you slowly away from the dribble, into the upright position and hopefully make life tolerable again. Also … I hear drinking water helps.

The Antlers – ‘Putting The Dog To Sleep’

New York indie rockers The Antlers kick off the mixtape with a wonderful “slowcore” “fuzz-folk” track bursting with melancholy. If you’re a fan of The NationalBon Iver or Beach House then check out this band. ‘Putting The Dog To Sleep’ will ease you into waking up from an alcohol induced stupor, we hope it was worth the headache.

Andrew Bird – ‘Night Sky’

Singer-songwriter Andrew Bird brings a mellodic and pensieve turn to this mix. By now you’ll begin to worry about, not only your head and stomach, but your phone, keys and extremities. I hope everything is intact. So chill out and try to remember where you hid that last precious alka-seltzer.

Arcade Fire – ‘My Body Is A Cage’

In the past few years Arcade Fire have gone from playing intimate house parties in Canada to headlining Reading and Leeds Carling Weekender and beyond. I’m delighted by their success, the more opportunities to see them the better.

‘My Body Is A Cage’ demonstrates their songwriting and musical genius. We’re sure at this point you can relate to the sentiments of this song and be thankful you’re not alone in your post-inebriation blues.

Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Always Like This’

My fellow Londoners Bombay Bicycle Club add some indie rock goodness. This track will remind you that feeling like this, after a every heavy night on the tiles never lasts. Hangovers are just another one of life’s pains. Time to rehydrate and enjoy.

This week (15th April) will see the beginning of Bombay Bicycle Club‘s UK tour before heading off to Europe. I highly recommend nabbing a ticket but if you can’t, not to fear. They will be returning this summer for festivals including BBC Radio 1 Hackney WeekenderThe Firefly Music Festival and Reading and Leeds Carling Weekender. Just more excuses to use this mixtape.

Cavaliers of Fun – ‘Secret Galaxies’

A feel good track and yet full of muted sparkly tones from Cavaliers of Fun will  hopefully dull the throbbing. Their dreamwave 80s pop will help you float gently into relaxing and recovery while you wait for the room to stop spinning and contemplate a greasy spoon pick-me-up.

College feat. Electric Youth – ‘A Real Hero’

As part of my Insight into 2011 this track was featured as one of my favourites, last year. The song is known best featuring on the soundtrack of acclaimed indie film Drive. Neither the movie nor the accompanying music should be missed if you like indie synth pop, cars or Ryan Gosling, an unbeatable combination.

Gotye feat. Kimbra – ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’

After being at the number one spot on the UK singles chart Gotye and Kimbra‘s love-forlorn track has been unmissable. The video has naked people being painted prosaically wherever you turn so it truly became unmissable, true story. For this reason, the video and song are equally unforgettable and will be remembered as an unlikely but brilliant hit of 2012.

Guillemots – ‘Made-Up Love Song #43’

There’s always room for more British indie rock and there’s few better than Guillemots who I caught at Camden Crawl 2011. This year they’ll be gracing the stage of the acclaimed indie Truck Festival alongside acts like The Tempter TrapMystery Jets and Frightened Rabbit.

The Postal Service – ‘Sleeping In’

The perfect narrative to your sozzled and frazzled state, this time from The Postal Service. The best bit of trivia about this band is “In August 2003, the United States Postal Service sent the band a cease and desist letter, citing its trademark on the phrase “postal service”. After negotiations, the USPS relented, allowing the band use of the trademark in exchange for promotional efforts on behalf of the USPS and a performance at its annual National Executive Conference.”

The Drums – ‘Money’

Surf pop lovelies The Drums bring another of their bitter-sweet tracks to end the mixtape. Hopefully ‘Money@ will give you a gentle nudge into your day or at least to starting the mixtape over again.

The Drums are currently in the midst of their American tour but they’ll be back in the UK for Dot to Dot 2012 which hits Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester as well as an appearance at RockNess 2012.

We hope that soothed your mind and bodies, until the next hangover. Till then have one for us and let us know your hangover cures by commenting below, on our Facebook or tweeting us @InsightfulW.