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Columbia, February 2012

The New York, noise pop duo bring another thunderous album to your eardrums in their follow up to the 2010 debut Treats. The album matures their sound perfectly, with just the right amount of tweak and polish.

The second track ‘Born To Lose’ uses their tried and tested heavy guitar of Derek E. Miller coupled with Alexis Krauss’ sweet vocals. But you can really see the progression in tracks like the brilliant ‘You Lost Me’ where the vocal somehow are subdued and almost whispering over the raucous riffs.

It may be optimistic but the actual explosion that begins ‘Leader Of The Pack’ aside, it could be a nod to 60’s girl group, Shangri La’s song of the same title.

Half way through the album you’re given the electronic fast-paced and poptastic ‘Comeback Kid’. The song incorporates the contrasting high vocals and aggressive guitar with the darker side of this album.

Reign of Terror is more polished, has more standalone tracks and is still played loooud. Sleigh Bells are not to be missed at this summer’s festivals where they’ll be playing at Field Day.

Sleigh Bells – ‘Comeback Kid’