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Indie post-punk rockers The Walkmen have announced plans to release their new album Heaven on June 5th. Fleet Foxes frontman, Robin Pechnold sings on the upcoming track ‘No One Ever Sleeps’.

The new album comes after 2010’s Lisbon from Fat Possum and Bella Union. The album has been produced by Phil Ek who also worked with Band Of HorsesFleet Foxes and Les Savy Fav. Songs on the album include ‘We Can’t Be Beat’, ‘Song for Leigh’, ‘Heartbreaker’, and ‘Love Is Luck’.

The Walkmen – ‘Heaven’ Trailer

Talking about the new album, frontman Hamilton Leithauser said, “The detachement you can feel throughout our younger records is gone. We felt like it was time to make a bigger, more generous statement.”

For fans of The Walkmen‘s older stuff, back in the days when they appeared on The OC here’s a favourite of mine, for you:

The Walkmen – ‘The Rat’