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The first series of this law drama is currently showing on Dave, following an unlikely duo of lawyers. Like a conservative, suited and booted Lethal Weapon, an older lawyer takes a rebellious and promising young man under his wing.

The genius from the wrong side of the tracks, Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) has an implausibly coincidental meeting with a partner in a law firm, Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht). The two immediately ban together in a ploy to make Mike Ross a part of his law firm, as his mentee though Ross never finished his law degree.

As the series progresses you wonder why Harvey Spector would put both their careers in jeopardy, whether Mike Ross is really cut out for being a lawyer and the usual office and relationship dramas. Each episode follows a different case or two, showing how law is not necessarily about morality but that isn’t anything new.

The legal drama genre is a saturated market, though this series is mostly based in the office and there are obvious unknowns waiting to be revealed, it doesn’t quite go far enough to keep you wanting more. The lawyers have to work to find the hidden truth and play politics while balancing their social lives and inter-office relationships which doesn’t break new ground.

Though the big question of the show is whether Mike Ross really needed to do his degree to do his job. The answer seems quite obvious: there’s more to a degree than being book-smart and more to a career than knowing facts. Mike Ross didn’t get his degree because he makes poor choices and can the show realistically continue without him getting caught.

Suits is a light hearted distraction, like much of Dave but it’s not creative or gripping enough to hook you immediately. Hopefully some twists and turns will surprise us as the first season progresses but pencil into your schedule for now.

Suits Season One Trailer