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I have been living back in London for about nine months now, after completing my degree. I’m comfortable in my routine: reconnected with friends, been working and I dipped a toe into the world of online dating on Tastebuds.

After the first date I was put off online dating because it didn’t turn out perfectly. I have continued messaging people but I’ve been busy being comfortable. I’ve been asked out but either it’s “too soon” meeting the person or my schedule hasn’t allowed for it.

Honestly, if someone asked me out in person or someone I’d met asked, I’d be more likely to make plans. Unfortunately, the original problem of sticking with the friends you know and not meeting new people has continued. Vicious cycle.

It is more difficult than I thought, to not only have the courage but to make the time to meet up with prospective people. Now that I have been on Tastebuds for so long I feel as if I’ve talked to all my matches that I’m likely to and it has become a series of pen pal situations.

Not to fear dear readers, I don’t give up that easily. I decided to hunt for a bigger pool and thought the free dating site OKCupid was worth a go. People are matched depending on age, location and a survey to determine their lifestyle and opinions (religion, marriage, drug use etc.). I continue to get lots of messages and I get “chosen” by people but I haven’t made any connections I want to check out, yet.

But OKCupid has been a big let-down. People are more willing to admit that they are online dating and not just social networking. Unfortunately they also begin every self-summary along the lines of “Isn’t it weird summing yourself up and you don’t want to show off but you want to be interesting, isn’t that weird?”

I will not lose hope in my search for good conversation and an interesting evening but Tastebuds was a smaller pool but made for better conversation. Luckily niche online dating is becoming more popular so there may be one suited to you out there. We’ll just have to wait and see if I’m given a good reason to get out of my comfort zone.

My Top tips:

1.) Don’t be discouraged because there’s always new users and other websites so try and stick with it or come back to it.

2.) Don’t give up and try different sites  because the one you’re on may not suit you or be the best out there for you. This may sound funny after my post but what if I had tried OKCupid first?

3.) Don’t put off the date part because before you know it the online chatting has gone on too long.

Have you tried online dating? What site do you use? If not, why not? Don’t be shy now.

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