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I am a big believer in music-for-medicinal-purposes, music can cure many ailments. I’ve been frustrated and annoyed then I injured my coccyx (true story) and if my life isn’t enough to cheer you up, I’ve provided my recently concocted remedy: a darn good mixtape.

If your annoyed at others, by yourself or just by badly placed inanimate objects then you have come to the right place. Chill out, keep your chin up and enjoy this lo-fi list to brighten your day and bum.

The Dø – ‘On My Shoulders’

French indie folk duo The Dø start our list with an angsty track. There’s some creative use of rhyme but when you’ve got a lot on your shoulders and people are piling more on your plate, it’s good to know you’re not alone.

Best Coast – ‘When I’m With You’

Another brilliant lo-fi female fronted band, this time from California. Best Coast adds some lazy day charm to the mix. Fortunately, surf popsters Best Coast will be touring in the UK later this year, after touring the US.

I know what you’re thinking but I don’t just love them for their cat obsession (their cat has its own Twitter) but it helps. If you’re a Best Coast fan you can also look forward to lead singer, Bethany Cosentino’s upcoming fashion line.

Lana Del Rey – ‘This Is What Makes Us Girls’

The latest femme pop sensation Lana Del Rey offers this insightful hipster track from her smash hit debut album, Born To Die. If you love her or loathe her, this song really speaks to the giant bow in any girl’s hair.

Women are often judged for putting love before friendship and every girl has had THAT girlfriend (if you haven’t, then it’s yooou) and now we know why.

Cults – ‘Go Outside’

The indie pop pair hail from New York and their starry eyed track ‘Go Outside’ may be that little nudge you need to stop the procrastination. Enjoy the unseasonably warm weather we’re seeing at the moment or just head down to your friendly neighbourhood sweaty scenester rave.

Grouplove – ‘Naked Kids’

They may be best known for their track ‘Colours‘ but this fun filled, summer tune might be just the ticket to warm your coggles after a windy winter. It’s a dreamy track leaving you in hope of good weather and good fortune, hopefully coming our way.

Crystal Fighters – ‘Plage’

The mixtape has now picked up, you can hula your way into this track for some electro, dance-punk. In the words of the Spanish, kitsune new-ravers “Time is short, you know we only live one life“.

Foster The People – ‘Call It What You Want’

Another feel-good song from California indie rockers Foster The People proves that they’re a welcome addition to Reading and Leeds Weekender’s line-up in 2012. If you’re going this year these are a must-see up and coming band on the NME / Radio 1 stage.

Sleigh Bells – ‘End of the Line’

Straight off their second album, Reign of Terror which was released last month, ‘End of the Line’ will not leave fans disappointed after their acclaimed debut.

Sleigh Bells will be coming to the UK this summer for Field Day 2012, if you haven’t been introduced to them before they are an unmissable electro- noise addition to the line up.

The Static Jacks – ‘My Parents Lied’

The husky vocals of New Jersey’s hottest export, The Static Jacks gives a testosterone injection into the mixtape and a look to the future. Its message is the antithesis of The Vaccines‘ ‘Wetsuit‘, go out there and create the-good-old-days (after the next song).

Tribes – ‘When My Day Comes’

From the contrast in loud and quiet vocals, you can hear the influence of The Pixies type grunge in a lot of Tribes‘ tracks, especially ‘We Were Children‘. If that isn’t enough encouragement, they are definitely another band to watch out for at this summer’s festivals or if you can get to them sooner, do it.

We hope you hate the world a little less and have some lovely vengence planned for those who have wronged you. Comment below, on our Facebook or send us a cheeky Tweet. Whether you’re now getting a track from the mixtape, an album or revenge.