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For improving your writing skills, it has been suggested that you should copy the greats by writing your own words but in their style. I thought about doing that and then decided to start small by imitating fictional characters.

You can use the original technique to find what aspects in writing suit you, what you’re good and bad at and most of all what you enjoy most. Inspiration may come from unlikely sources so it would help to be diverse. Hopefully.

As a student of Literature there are many writers I admire and would wish to emulate. As an unemployed graduate, I mostly spend my time among the fictional characters. This is my healthy medium.

For my first attempt I thought I might try and write in the style of a fictional author, combining the original idea of an author with that of a fictional character. I admired Hank Moody from the TV show Californication when he wrote his first blog post in Season one, Episode two.

Californication – Hell-A Woman – short scene

First things first, I’m Serena Doherty and I fucking hate loneliness but I’m not that great with people.

A few things I’ve learnt in my relatively short life:

One. Things between the sexes are not equal. It’s a man’s world, a boy’s club and an aspiring female music journalist is viewed as a groupie who’s literate.

Two. I won’t go down in history and neither do I want to. I’ve done too many things that I don’t even want to know about.

Three. But I will do more of them and while I’m there, you will have fun if our paths happen to cross, if but for a while. Though that’s a lot of ifs and buts later.

The larger questions  playing on my delicate psyche are about: why England is so fucking determined to destroy itself in this hedonistic, selfish whirlwind it’s created? Hacking? Looting? Footballers? Docu-soaps!? Grow a fucking conscience! Weren’t we trying to evolve, into individualised, egocentric, overfed button pushers and not be a pack of animals?”

Short but sweet. Let me know what you think and please give it a go, commenting them here, if you dare …