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This year has been the year of the Google Doodle and they’ve provided some great ones. Here’s my top five.

Freddie Mercury.

It would have been Freddie Mercury‘s 65th birthday in 2011 and Google created this fun video as a tribute to his brilliance. Click here and press play to enjoy their efforts.

Charlie Chaplin.

To commemorate his 122nd birthday Google created a Charlie Chaplin style film on the website for 36 hours. Just click here and press play.

Les Paul.

An interactive Google Doodle which has been so popular it has its own webpage. Click here to twang some virtual strings.

60th Anniversary of Stanislaw Lem’s First Publication.

Seen on November 23rd it provided fun brain teasing activities which were bandied around offices everywhere. Just click here and test your brain.

Earth Day.

On April 22nd another interactive Google Doodle was created to celebrate and raise awareness about this day. Click here to see the pretty scene.

What were yours?