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The first episode of the Skins sixth series was shown last night (January 23th) on E4. The mismatched, contrived band of not-so merry morons is on holiday in Morocco, a sure recipe for disaster.

The only halfway believable character from the fifth series was Frankie. Though the sunshine has stripped Frankie of her androgyny and replaced it with a bikini and petulant scowls.

The voyeurism of the camera angles is no longer treating teenagers like adults, instead it’s reflecting how skin-deep the characters are. Nothing has been resolved from last season yet they’re all miraculously friends and have missed each other.

For some reason the Skins creators seem to think by putting a bigoted young guy in the show they will highlight his ignorance but he fits right in with the group they’ve assembled.

The group waddle through the muddy plot line, they party, someone gets in trouble, someone might cheat, there’s an accident to involving the “nice” character. Does anyone care enough to keep watching?

SPOILER ALERT: If the preview adverts are anything to go by their parents take them away to get medical help after an accident and their friends want to retrieve them from a hospital. Like I said, morons.

Skins Sixth Series Trailer