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My Femme Friendly Club is full of mature feminine Entertainment, it may not be fashionable (much to my sadness) but it can make you feel empowered and mature. More of it please.


James Bond stars Daniel Craig and Dame Judi Dench have made a video to raise awareness about gender inequality for International Woman’s Day 2012 (8 March).

The video sees the dashing 007 enter in his suit. He then leaves the frame and returns in a spotlight, as a woman. Judi Dench supplies the voice-over, in a brilliant reverse of roles (pay attention in adverts to see if it’s a male or female voice-over and for what products, it will be an eye opener).

The statistics in the video have been heard many times but this simple video makes them hard hitting. Equals takes a serious look at the reality of a character like James Bond when put in the real world.

A good effort by the pair but a lot more needs to be done before there’s equality even in the UK, as the video shows. Not a bright view of the world but a real one.

International Women’s Day Website