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Update September 22, 2012 – As of this update, some of the titles on here have been released or further pushed back. In light of this, newer trailers have been added where appropriate, release dates have been ammended and a small comment on them has been left if I’ve played them. To make up for this, at the bottom expect maybe an extra trailer and new game to entice your giving away of money. Roll on my opinion!

Torchlight 2 – PC | Release date – Out now!

What is it? Kill monsters in procedurally generated dungeons by holding down a mouse button to use your weapon/magics. Get loot off dead monsters. Repeat.
That sounds…simple? Maybe, but you get better loot from bigger monsters. See, there’s a lot of depth.
No, really, why would you want that? Torchlight 1 was a great ‘loot whoring’ game, albeit being rather linear and limited in overall scope. 2 brings about much wanted co-op, enhanced modding potential and basically more everything. More everything is good.
Why would I want this when I can get Diablo 3? Other than not having draconian Digital Rights Management and allowing full-scale modding? It’ll be cheaper, is made by the original Diablo developers and will be just as fun, if not better.
Update – So have you played it? For about an hour. It’s really good fun! Looks pretty, plays well, great score. Of course, that is only an hour.

Mass Effect 3 – 360/PS3/PC | Release date – Out now!

Wait, wasn’t this on your list last year? Yes, but then delays happened. Boo!
So why would you want to have it? You get to finish off the pretty interesting story-arc in third-person-shooter-role-playing-game Mass Effect’s trilogy, seeing how all your past actions combine and ultimately affect everything that happens, potentially damming or saving the galaxy.
I didn’t like Mass Effect 2 as much as 1. Is 3 still for me? Probably; more skill depth, especially choosing what to upgrade through levelling and supposedly more inventory.
Anything new I might not know about? They’ve added a multiplayer ‘horde’ mode, which can impact (albeit isn’t necessary for the best ending) your single player game.
Update – So have you played it? On the PC, yes. The single player is, for about 90% of its duration, incredibly fun. I feel the beginning is a little drab and the ending is nothing short of a cluster f[drink spilt on keyboard]. Surprisingly, the multiplayer proved to be very fun, but since giving up on that for other titles, I’ve not returned to the game. With the ending the way it is, replayability is hard to say.

Borderlands 2 – 360/PS3/PC | Release date – Out now!

What is it? Kill monsters in large and more varied environments using some crazy guns, of which there are millions of combinations thereof in the game. Get loot off dead monsters. Repeat.
That sounds familiar. Yes, BL2 is a loot whoring game too! Except you shoot monsters in the face with guns from a first-person-perspective.
Uch, another FPS? Not just another FPS! Did you not read the part where there are millions of guns in it, of which some include: shotguns that fire rockets, revolvers that fire shotgun pellets and ammo that melts stuff. It also has cel-shaded graphics and doesn’t make the screen go red when you get shot.
Anything else I should know? 4-player co-op and, based off the original, you should get some pretty ace post-release content support.
Update – So have you played it yet? I’ve installed it on my PC. Does that count? Well, I can say the box-art is very nice.

Tomb Raider – 360/PS3/PC | Release date – March 5th, 2013.

I’m sorry Waffle, but isn’t this game a little old? No, it’s a reboot…of a reboot.
Go on. So in this reboot, Lara Croft isn’t the proper Lara Croft. Over the course of this open-world survival adventure, Lara picks up the skills she eventually goes on to utilise as being female Indiana Jones.
So what’s going on then? Lara’s on a boat and it crashes on an island and there are some weird inhabitants on it. You try to stay alive with the rest of the stranded survivors. What gives it promise is that it takes place on a seamless environment, so even if you can’t get somewhere yet, you’ll be able to look at it. This should give a real emphasis on exploration.
Okay, my interest is piqued. Also, it looks really raw. As in, when Lara falls and injures herself, you can hear her cry out or see it in her appearance.
Update – That delay is annoying, but any thoughts? After watching some footage of it out of E3, I’m not sure how I feel any more. Still keeping an open mind, but it looks like female Uncharted, but with a bit of morality thrown in. How well that is done might impact the enjoyment of the game.

Most Anticipated: Darksiders 2 – 360/PS3/PC…and introducing, WiiU | Release date – Out now (release title for the WiiU)!

That’s a stupid name. You play as Death.
Okay, I’m in. Damn straight.
So what’s up?  The first Darksiders took many by surprise. Whilst it was quite derivative of other titles, most notably 3D Zelda, it bridged all its elements together rather well and made for a fun title with decent exploration, as-deep-as-you-want combat and a pretty good plot, complete with one of the most bad-ass endings to a game I’ve played. Also notable because you played as the horseman War and had an art direction by Joe Madureira. This will be more of the same, but with RPG-lite elements, such as talent/skill options and inventories. Did I mention you play as Death?
Yes. Anything else? You can wield 2 scythes. Two. Fucking. Scythes.
Isn’t that a tad overkill? He’s Death.
Touché. Unfortunately, the game takes place during a segment early on in Darksiders 1, which means we have to wait another bloody title before that ending gets resolved.
You seem rather excited about it. I think the first Darksiders was consistently better than Skyward Sword.
You bastard. Two scythes.
Any final comments? The game oozes cool. The tag-line? “What starts with War…ends in Death.” Bad. Ass.
Update – Go on then, tell me about it! The game isn’t perfect. I’ll get that out of the way. There are some pacing issues, most glaringly, but the component parts of the game are better than its predecessor’s. That being said, I found the game to be either about the same or not-quite-as-good as the original. I think the plot, which whilst expanding of the universe didn’t really add much to the original, may have been a bit of a sour note. Though to re-iterate, the game is very fun and, as were my hopes, superior to Skyward Sword.

Least Looking Towards: WiiU | Release date – November 20th .

That’s more of a stupid name than Darksiders. Or straight up more than the ‘Wii’.
Won’t people get confused between this and the Wii? I don’t think so. I mean, it’s not like they’re both white, look pretty damn similar and with the WiiU additionally using the Wii remotes.
You were being sarcastic, weren’t you? Oh my, yes.
But it’s by Nintendo! You probably didn’t watch that E3 talk, but I do wonder how the Vitality Sensor is coming along…
But this new controller should be able to do some cool new things, right? Whilst I won’t argue that the new Aliens: Colonial Marines, will undoubtedly be best on the Wii U, with the motion tracker slap bang in your face, you just know tons of games are going to implement this mechanic poorly.
Well at least there’s good old fashioned classic Nintendo fun. You know, they’re not even sure two of the WiiU controllers will be able to work together.
Sorry, what? But don’t worry, your old Wii remotes will work perfectly fine. They just have to do other things!
Is there something redeeming about this?? Backwards compatibility with Wii games, a system that is more powerful than the 360 and PS3 with HD support, a new and improved internet infrastructure that’ll probably be more akin to PSN and XBL, far greater 3rd party support and the ability to stream games so they’re playable on the controller within a certain distance so someone else can watch the TV.
Update – Any more thoughts? For the most part, I still don’t care. E3 2012 had a blow-out on it, as well as a more recent one Nintendo orchestrated themselves. It’ll be good, no doubt, I just don’t care. New Super Mario Bros. U looks very pretty, but completely soulless. Nintendoland looks stupid and nowhere near as good as Wii Sports in terms of being a pack-in with the console and its third-party support will easily translate to most of the other consoles. Can do 1080p though!

Will Probably Suck But Hope It Won’t: Sonic 4: Episode 2 – Pretty much everything that isn’t a Nintendo product, including your dishwasher. | Release date – Out now!

They made a Sonic 4? I try not to talk about it.
So if you disliked the first episode, why do you have some hope for this one? Since E1’s release, we’ve had the fantastic Sonic Colours and Generations, as well as a very well appreciated rerelease of Sonic CD. Sega have been able to gauge what Sonic fans like and should be able to implement this into E2.
You still sound uncertain. Colours and Generations still had flaws and E1 was pretty shocking and not at all befitting of the ‘4’ it got.
Anything you want to add? E2 has playable Tails, so hopefully there’ll be co-op. There’s also the promise of a new graphics and physics (oh thank god) engine, although what exactly that means is up in the air. If, however, Sega have learnt from their mistakes and release a polished product, the franchises’ rejuvenation will be certified.
Update – So, did you get it? I did, when it went a bit on sale.
Update – Go on…? Yeah, so, it’s aggressively mediocre. It has poor graphics on the PC at 1080p that required graphics driver intervention (it does now look very pretty), a sound track that is mostly pretty poor of which the same can be said for the level design (funnily enough, for the most part the best music matches up with the best levels). Boss fights are creative, but poorly executed. That being said, the game is totally playable and does have some replayability, but it’s hard to recommend this over the cheaper classics, including the recently rereleased Sonic CD, or last year’s fantastic Generations. Not as turgid as Episode 1 though, so hey, that’s a plus!

Bonus September Update Last Minute Addition To The Roster Of Interest: Need For Speed: Most Wanted – 360/PS3/PC/Vita. | Release date – October 30th.

Isn’t this game already out? Yes. Wait, no! No. No it isn’t. The same named game is already out, but this is brand spanking new.
What is it then? Open-city racing where you can race, smash and crash your way through various events requiring you to race, smash and crash. You can find cars and change into them, as well as customising what goes on under the bonnet. Or just drive around, but who would do that?
Wasn’t there a game called Burnout: Paradise where you did this? Funny you should say that! Burnout: Paradise was made by Criterion who were brought on board to rejuvenate the NFS series, starting with Hot Pursuit two years ago. They did a fantastic job.
So they’re rereleasing their own game, but with a different title? Need for Burnout: Paradise Wanted.
Anything else? Criterion are masters at arcade racing games, giving you a great sense of speed and, when appropriate, carnage. I have no doubt this won’t be a polished game.
Wub wub? Wub wub.