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Another year is over and here’s my list of what I couldn’t stop listening to, since their release in 2011. I’ve given you my top albums and now it’s time for my top songs, that I’d recommend (or insist you track down).

The top ten songs, which captured my imagination and made me want to break with convention and sing on the train (I want to do this quite a bit, to be honest) are:

Come on, she is brilliant! I have seen this video countless times and I still love it. A brilliant song off Born This Way, her third … second .. no third album and not as over-played and annoying as the title track ‘Born This Way’. Yay.

From the Drive soundtrack, I could not stop playing it or playing it to people. It’s pop at its best and well worth dedicating every moment of your time to.

My favourite song from Arctic Monkeys 2011 album Suck It and See because it wakes me without annoying me (a herculean feat). The rolling drum beat and the fast pace are the soundtrack to kick-starting my day.

I am yet to fathom the exact meaning of alllll the lyrics but one day soon I’ll stop power-walking long enough to give it a whirl. It’s a song that gives and gives.

It’s a typical Kasabian loud, dancey song which shouts angrily at you while making you want to move. Win.

Another song from the Drive soundtrack, proving this film had the best tunes in a motion picture since Kill Bill. It’s just brilliant.

The electronic voice coupled with the lovely Lovefoxxx (CSS) make for dramatic vocals with a synth pop score, love it.

What would be on your list? Is there anything I missed which you would highly recommend??