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In 2011, largely due to docusoaps, there have been many additions to our vocabulary but not to fear Insightful Waffle is here. We have chosen our favourites, just for you.


Reem – One of the most popular phrases from The Only Way Is Essex, air-head character Joey Essex. It means something is very good but beware: using this statement implies you not only watch the show but enjoy it. OR you can go for the “I’m watch it ironically” and “I’m using Reem ironically” but will people believe you?

Used in a sentence it may be: “My package hugging short shorts look reem”.

The Guardian – Suzanne Moore – I’ve had enough of irony

Amazeballs – This term became popular as a hashtag on Twitter after its use in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here by grumpy puss and Coronation Street actor Anthony Cotton on his rare moments of being positive. This term means something is amazing. The term is less tied to one show but you will give away your reality TV addiction.

Used in a sentence: “Those cupcakes were #amazeballs”.

Flat-forms – Platforms that are flat!? Somewhere between mod, goth and punk these shoes are a sexy addition to any wardrobe and you can walk through puddles. You thought jeggings couldn’t be beaten.

How-to: They are widely available and there’s a large variety, check out ASOS.

Planking – Unless you’ve locked yourself inside in 2011 you may have noticed that people now socialise so they can take pictures of themselves and upload them to Facebook and its ilk. so other people can see how much fun they’re having then they go home. Now there’s extreme posing which I did earlier this year.

How-to: You lie like a plank on things. Brilliant.


Planking – People have tried to out-do each other to the point that someone died. Be responsible, don’t drink and plank.

Bunga Bunga parties – The former Italian prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, notoriously held inappropriate parties (as well as saying a lot of inappropriate stuff). Don’t do this or you will not only ruin your political career, risk STDs and add bad behaviour with underage girls to the list of reasons you’re going to hell but you will also attract the attention of stripping Feminist protestors like Femen.

.com – Not a new term by any stretch but do not use it at the end of a sentence like: “I’m right, you’re wrong.com”. This term was seen on The X Factory by Alexandra Burke and is the kind of thing Gabs (crazy ex-girlfriend character) from Made In Chelsea would use. Basically employing this new vocab generally means you’re a douche.

Wagabees – Wannabee Wags. Yes they’re still popping up everywhere, especially the abomination Desperate Scousewives. If you see giant eyebrows and personalised juicy couture sweatsuits worn with full make up and big earrings: run, RUN!!

What will 2012 bring!? We can’t wait!