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Stereogum have put together a tribute to garage-rockers The Strokes debut album Is This It from covers created by other bands. For fans of The Strokes and those new to the album it is a brilliant addition to your music library.

Peter Bjorn & John – ‘Is This It’

Known for their hit ‘Young Folks’, Peter Bjorn & John bring more high pitched distortion to the title track of this album. The echoey vocals make a great, subtle addition to the track.

The Swedish trio stay true to the original sound of The Strokes and the essence of garage rock by keeping the music stripped back but done with their added personality: a triumph.

Chelsea Wolfe – ‘The Modern Age’

After the ear splitting intro, the ethereal workings of Chelsea Wolfe draw you into the album as she floats in a lost dream. Reminiscent of fellow goth-folker Zola Jesus, the haunting overlaid vocals of Warpaint or a quiet Fever Ray. Definitely a detour from The Strokes original sound and a femme take on the all-guy rockers.

Frankie Rose – ‘Soma’

The female vocals have a similar feel to Killcity or maybe it’s the throw back to the mid-naughties. The founder of Vivian Girls brings some hometown beauty to the album as a fellow New Yorker.

Real Estate – ‘Barely Legal’

A soft and dreamy take on the song, which whisks you away into an adolescent dream land with hues of bitterness. The second New York based band to take up the Is This It shroud. Weirdly neither covers made a huge impact on the album, unlike the original tracks but you could still find yourself happy on the millionth listen.

Wise Blood – ‘Someday’

This version is a weird, jaunty rendition of the track and makes for an experimental addition to Stereogum Presents... This cover is an electronic manipulation which samples the track with added vocals. Definitely a change in direction while using the original song, a very interesting listen.

Austra – ‘Alone, Together’

A brilliant and haunting tribute from the electronic Candian three-piece. Austra successfully make the song their own, like so many on this compilation. The band bring a whole new level of demise and depression to the song, especially in lines like “You drink too much, makes me drink just the same“.

The Morning Benders – ‘Last Nite’

In a return to The Strokes sound with some added electro, this song is updated to a dancing, modern track. The Californian take on ‘Last Nite’ brings light and fun, giving it a new lease of life.

Owen Pallett – ‘Hard To Explain’

The use of string instruments for this song makes for a beautiful addition, very different from the technology focused Strokes video you associate with the original. Formerly known as Final Fantasy, he shows why he is known for his skills as a violinist.

Heems – ‘New York City Cops’

This is the cover which changes the original the most, as a rap. The setting and topic lends itself perfectly to the genre and brings an extra dimension to this tribute, truly giving a bit of something for everyone.

Deradoorian – ‘Trying Your Luck’

Again the delicate feminine vocals and gentle, ghostly reinvention penetrate this album, providing a feminisation of The Strokes‘ material. Much to my delight.

Computer Magic – ‘Take It Or Leave It’

We have a winner AND a New Yorker. Close enough to the original but with the added female vocals and electronics it just works.

What do you think? Which cover is your favourite? Send me your Strokes covers. Pleeease.