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It may be old fashioned but London trains can make you cranky. True story.

Since finishing my degree, before the summer I have moved back home, where I commute in and out of London every day. And, sure, it’s annoying that the trains don’t run perfectly every day or any day.

Though I grew up in London, you would think that a few years in a small city would have taught me to appreciate such a complex and relatively good transport system.

Instead I’m conforming to the stereotype of an urban dwellers, that they are uncaring and impatient. I find the more I commute, the less tolerence I have of other travellers.

If someone stops abruptly in front of me, I seriously consider hurting them. Which means I tut and I tut often.

It’s not the trains that are making me angry, it’s the people who don’t know the rules. You walk on the left and you stand still on the right. You don’t stop, you don’t pass go, you do not collect £200.

See you on the underground where I’ll be imagining punching you in the face when you see me roll my eyes. Be warned.