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If you’ve never been to Dingwalls, it’s a small venue in Camden, London. Coldplay hadn’t darkened their doorway since beginning their career in the 90’s. Until this week that is.

An odd career move for the stadium fillers but an intimate treat for their die-hard fans. Although, the transition was a little tenuous, as the band returned to their roots after a long time away.

This event will give the venue some much deserved publicity as I spent one of the most memorable nights there during Camden Crawl 2008 when she saw Crystal Castles supported by Ida Maria. That night saw the lead singer of Crystal CastlesAlice Glass strangle a bouncer with the chord of her mic.

(I was young, less refined and darn happy, apparently)

Undoubtedly, Coldplay‘s gig was nowhere near as dramatic but who doesn’t love a secret gig in the heart of London?