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New Girl began on Channel 4 on the 6th January 2012. You can watch the pilot episode on 4OD here.

A brilliant new series coming to Channel 4 very soon and definitely not one to miss, especially for those who like girly humour and singing to yourselfNew Girl stars Zooey Deschanel (500 Days of SummerYes Man) as Jess, a kooky broken-hearted girl who moves in with three strangers.

After Jess’ humiliating break up she gets a room with Nick, played by Jake M. Johnson who Insightful Waffle hopes will be a future romantic interest; Schmidt, Max Greenfield, the oddball and Winston, Larmone Morris, who’s returning to the fold after a few years away (trust us, he shows up, the pilot has a different character who goes back to E4’s Happy Endings).

It has been described as “painfully sweet”, so it’s definitely for those with a sweet tooth and a cute funny bone. The show’s pilot is on 4OD now and will be coming to Channel 4 in the new year or you can use your ample imaginations to find the show and you should (not that we’re encouraging anything illegal and while we’re here, all views are our own).

New Girl Trailer