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The latest Cleveland based, lo-fi noise pop band (because we allllll  know that stereotype) is the vivacious Cloud Nothings. Last year their single ‘Didn’t You’ was released, showing a change from complete distortion to a more powerful, slightly cleaner sound.

Soundcloud has shown their growing fan base. Uploads of the band have started to pile up. So listen-in, then spread the word.

Cloud Nothings – ‘Didn’t You’

The sweet vocals, the fun pop and distortion are perfect for the good weather we’ve been enjoying. Though the vocals are not as strong as you would hope, this band is less for lyric-lovers and more for bedroom dancing.

The brain child behind Cloud Nothings is the typically geek chic frontman Dylan Baldi. Now making the transition, many bands falter at, from DIY recording to studio. Insightful Waffle are looking forward to an album.

For more noise pop, check out the Inanimate Objects Mixtape, full of the who’s who from the genre.

EDIT: Huzzah! A cleaner sound but still rough and ready. I cannot stop playing it. I told you to get into them. They’re now sounding a lot like Scottish rockers The View. Check it.

Cloud Nothings – ‘Stay Useless’