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British indie band Bloc Party’s lead singer Kele Okereke went single, the band are auditioning new singers to carry on though Kele wrote the lyrics. Wait, no they’re not, Zane Lowe tweeted it. No one said a thing? Huh?

The Low Down:

NME has come under attack after publishing claims that Bloc Party were going to continue without their lead singer Kele Okereke. They contacted the band to confirm this.

Zane Lowe contacted Bloc Party’s management, who denied any claims that the band were splitting apart. BUT NME’s contact with their management confirmed that they had made these claims. Phew. He said, she said, here we go.

Bloc Party – ‘Flux’

Now fans are confused and don’t know what’s happening. People claim the band are playing hijinks with the music media. So NME.com have published the recordings of their conversations, now you can draw your own conclusions.

NME talk to the lead singer about the future. Wait. That recording gotten taken down GASP!

NME then talked to the lead guitarist of Bloc Party about claims that they are searching for a new lead singer. Check it out while it lasts.

Bloc Party’s Russell Lissack talks to NME

Are you any wiser? Which camp do you fall into? Bloc Party are clever, cheeky rascals because no news is bad news and they’ve got attention without touring or new material, as of yet? It’s the long winded choice but is it the best explanation? Oooor that devilish press is out of control *shakes fist at the establishment*?

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Bloc Party – ‘One More Chance’