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Atlantic, September 2011

Some may be surprised to learn that + is Ed Sheeran’s third studio album. After rigorous touring and relocating to London this album has gained the attention he deserves.

The album begins with his very popular latest single, ‘The A Team’. The song is about a girl, as much of the album is. If you listen closely to his lyrics you can hear how he picks up on the mediocre and every day.

Ed Sheeran – ‘The A Team’

The track ‘U. N. I’ showcases Ed Sheeran’s faster lryicising. His way with words is brilliant, you can even see it in the title of this song as it’s about his love interest, so it has the double meaning of You and I but she’s also at uni while he’s touring (I’m not being condescending, just trying to be helpful). Obviously long distance relationships are fraught with disaster and this song is no difference.

While ‘Wake Me Up’, with its piano background, is an amazingly honest modern love song with DVDs, blu-ray and video games. He describes the mundane in a relationship that everyone can relate to.

The track ‘The City’, on the other hand, discuss’ moving to London, which he did for his career but how it isn’t his home. Yet it was this move that made his career, as he performed his albums and EPs, gaining attention for his music.

‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’ is another of the best known singles off the album and is a brave rant on the music industry, about his independence and ambition. As Ed Sheeran writes, can sing, rap and plays guitar, you’d have to agree with him.

Ed Sheeran – ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You’

The album has a dramatic ending, with a chorus of voices and a slow clap in ‘Give Me Love’. The track then changes into a hymn with the backing vocals humming along slowly in the background.

All in all, it may be the best thing for Ed Sheeran that people assume this is his debut album because it’s a brilliant introduction to his music.