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Westboro Baptist Church picketed outside the alternative hard rockers gig. Luckily for them, the band had a surprise protest of their own.

At Foo Fighters Kansas City show on August 30th they dressed up in wigs and beards, revealing themselves in The Village People-esque costumes. They took to an American flag adorned float to perform a free concert for the assembled crowd.

We all knew they were awesome but if you needed further proof: this is it.

Foo Fighters Keeping It Clean In KC

The band distributed videos over the internet themselves, comically inciting hatred from the Christian group throughout the video. Like all coming out of a bathroom stall together and their choice of song, ‘Kepp It Clean’ which is about gay love.

In the video, fans begin to surround the float when they realise who is under those disguises. A clear line is drawn on either side of the street between fans and foes. The Christians continue to heckle the band, while the fans cheer on Dave Grohl’s free love for all.

The billboards and Christians assembled outside the gig were from the Fundamentalist Christians featured in two notorious documentary from Louis Theroux.

Louis Theroux – America’s Most Hated Family IN CRISIS

The documentaries showed how dedicated the group are to their radical, horrendous and misguided beliefs. Of all the evils in the world, I somehow doubt the Foo Fighters are one of them.

Have you ever protested? What’s the most evil music? Are you jealous fundamentalists got a free Foo Fighters gig? Be honest.