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When I was going through a difficult time in my personal life someone sent me this Mixtape. We all need a good soundtrack so I thought I’d share mine.

Whether you are a Fresher facing your degree, a student struggling with bills, unemployed and looking for work or just having one of those days. Inanimate Objects cheered me up but you can listen to it whatever mood your in or wherever your lives are.

Animal collective – ‘Brother Sport’

If you’re not a fan of this band then you should be, so go see to that. In the meantime this indie, “psych folk” music collective offer you some wonderfully upbeat, synth sound for your lovely ear holes. So consume in joyous wonder.

Beach House – ’10 Mile Stereo’

This wonderful dream-pop duo, lend their haunting vocals to guitar twanging for a few soothing lo-fi minutes. As a fan of Beach House songs like ‘Zebra’ and ‘Norway’ the fact that this song isn’t their absolute best is just a testament to how great their music is.

Beck – ‘Devils Haircut’

The veteran of alternative, Beck seems to give a nod to his Mother’s days as a dancer for The Velvet Underground with his characteristically deep vocals. If this track doesn’t have you dancing then there’s something wrong and you should be worried, seek medical attention.

Eels – ‘I Like Birds’

A fun offering from an American acoustic indie rock band. With lines like “It’s alright if you act like a turd, / because I like, / Birds.” The lyrics aren’t wholly insightful but you’ll find yourself singing along nonetheless. You will, don’t worry.

Good Shoes – ‘Our Loving Mother in a Pink Diamond’

Good Shoes fast paced music and wondering vocals may remind you a lot of yourself with a trip down memory lane for reflection and reminiscence. This song is both short and sweet. As a British indie rock enthusiast, this band ticks all the boxes.

HTRK – ‘Fascinator’

The uber-cool Australian trio take you through their shoegaze, noise-rock, no-wave world of monochrome and people wearing eyewear unnecessarily. You are then birthed out the other side a darn sight cooler. Amen.

Lets Wrestle – ‘Insects’

Not the greatest video, my apologies. I guess you’re just going to have to trust me. What happens when you buy a new mattress? Well a swarm of life leaves you lonesome … Apparently … Here endeth the lesson.

Liars – ‘Mr You’re On Fire Mr’

Don’t let the hat fool you or the all-white tampon look. Following the theme of “noise”, the post-punk musings of New York band the Liars is at least worth some hardy foot tapping and/or enthusiastic nodding to the beat. If you were a fan of Test-Icicles and miss them (as I do) then this is just up your alley.

Of Montreal – ‘The Past is a Grotesque Animal’

The screeching beginning which penetrates this track isn’t typical of this indie pop group yet the lyrics are touching and honest, in lines like “It’s so embarrassing to need someone like I do you, / But how can I explain, / I need you here and not here too”. Worth a listen, for some conflicted heartbreak.

Tom Vek – ‘A. P. O. L. O. G. Y’

Tom Vek made a welcome return to music this year with his album Leisure Seizure. This electronic track reminds us how much he was missed. I’d recommend getting into his earlier work and checking out his 2011 album, if you haven’t already.

TV on the Radio – ‘Staring at the Sun’

As the reverb creeps in you know you’re in for a treat of experimental art rock proportions from the New York five-piece. A more relaxed and melodic song but brilliant, in its own right.

Ungdomskulen – ‘I Dunno’

If you haven’t heard of this trio from Norway, well then fair enough. They fit perfectly into this mixtape of indie rock noise. They are definitely a band to look out for in the future, so get there early.

Tell me what you think of this playlist and if you think anything is missing and why. I’m interested, no really.