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Another horror remake comes to your screens as Fright Night restyle the 1985 thrilling comedy. The story is the same as a teenage boy discovers his neighbour is a vampire but no one will believe him. The film is set in a suburban Las Vegas town, where everyone sleeps all day, works all night and disappear.

The amazing cast begs the question, why has nobody made Colin Farrell (Horrible BossesIn Bruges) into a vampire before? He plays the evil, alluring neighbour wonderfully.

While the comedy element is covered by Anton Yelchin (Charlie BartlettLike Crazy) taking the lead role as Charley Brewster and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (SuperbadKick-Ass) in his type-cast role as geeky, former best friend.

Even the support cast is outstanding as Toni Colette (Little Miss SunshineIn Her Shoes) plays Charley’s Mother, Jane Brewster, David Tennant (The former Doctor Who) is a Las Vegas strip magician, Peter Vincent and Dave Franco (Scrubsthe new series … no? Nah, don’t bother with it) is on his way to be type cast as a comically “popular” douche bag.

The remake retains the gruesome transformation of the vampires, when they get particularly hungry. Plus the Nevada setting adds to the glamour and mysticism, as well as making it a prime location for a vampire.

Although the beginning High School scenes seem very predictable and stereotypical as geeks are shunned while ego and vanity rein. This may be true to life but it’s very overdone and tedious at this point and teen focused independent movies like Brick did it so much better.

Thankfully the vampire mythology moves away from the Twilight romanticism or as many call it, wankerisms and is actually dark and gothic, with some actual masculinity in the form of Colin Farrell. We’ve seen this approach in TV as True Blood’s popularity and entertainment value far exceeds the likes of The Vampire Diaries.

Fright Night is an entertaining and fun watch. The film is more horror than comedy but gives a light-hearted alternative to drivelling love stories and unrealistic mythology. Thank fuck for that.

Fright Night Trailer