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The latest star studded romantic comedy to come out of Hollywood sees Justin Timberlake (Bad TeacherThe Social Network) as Dylan, an aspiring journalist. He gets head hunted from LA by the hopeless romantic, New Yorker Jamie, played by Mila Kunis (Black SwanForgetting Sarah Marshall) for GQ Magazine.

The ending of a rom com is always the same therefore it’s how the characters get there that counts. Dylan and Jamie become best friends with benefits. They have a very open and honest sex life while sharing the most intimate parts of their lives. It ends up being a fun and sexy ride.

Undoubtedly Friends With Benefits is the best rom com to come around in a long time. Or it’s at least the best of a bad bunch. The characters are believable and the silly humour isn’t completely cringe worthy.

The characters’ families are used to give depth to the plot but Mila Cunis’ storyline falls short of being believable. Jamie has a promiscuous, hippy mother yet she turned out to believe in true love and became a successful business woman. It just doesn’t add up.

Although earlier this year No Strings Attached was released with the same premise: two friends decide to have sex but remain friends but because of the sex they become more than friends but they don’t want to, what to do, what to do? Unless you’re a romantic comedy buff, it’s probably best you choose one and give the other a miss. There’s not going to be enough intellectually stimulating material in both films to justify losing that much time in your life.

Make your choice:

Friends With Benefits Trailer

No Strings Attached Trailer