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The filming for Game of Thrones second series began in July 2011 and fans of the show cannot wait. If you missed the series it is worth checking out before the second season comes to the little screen. Game of Thrones is a thrilling epic based on the books of George R. R. Martin and easily the best British TV show around.

The show begins in a time of peace but the wrong leaders seem to get put on throne, from mad to drunk. Times have been smooth for a while it seems and ambitions are running high in both the court and abroad. Everyone has a stake to the throne but who rightfully deserves the seat doesn’t seem to matter too much in the throes of politics.

The Mad King was overthrown many years before the beginning of this medieval magical series and now a drunken, swearing, aged warrior is running things. King Robert Baratheon (Mark AddyRobin HoodThe Sin Eater) is more interested in wine and whores than bureaucracy but only his loyal Northern protector Eddard Stark, brilliantly played by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingAge of Heroes) seems to want to keep him in power.

Though, the Mad King’s ruthless son, Viserys Targaryen (Harry Lloyd) and beautiful daughter, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) have grown up abroad with their sights are still firmly set on taking their rightful place on the Iron Throne. Viserys decides to sell his sister, to be the barbarian leader Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa aka Conan the Barbarian) so he can gain control of the hoard under his control.

Soon the scheming, spying politics of the South conflict with the traditional, soldier’s valour of the North. While danger is brewing beyond The Wall, which protects the land from the mysteries of the harsh land North of the realm. Tales of scary beasts are whispered and hinted at but are rarely seen in the show, so far.

Game of Thrones is exciting and the end of the series leaves you on the edge of your seat wanting more. It’s obvious that bad times are ahead. There’s danger brewing, through the repetition of the foreboding Northerner’s saying “Winter is coming”.

Game of Thrones Trailer