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I think I’m missing editing for my university newspaper, InQuire because I’m constantly getting annoyed by people using the wrong words. The one I see most is when people confuse: there, their and they’re.

Some people seem to get annoyed at me when I correct them. But I think spell check is to blame as it doesn’t show certain mistakes and people continue to misuse them. So don’t shoot the messenger.

I doubt I could do this subject justice without referencing the poetic comedy of Taylor Mali as he often complains about the breaking down of the English language as he’s a former English teacher.

The Importance of Proofreading – Taylor Mali

If you don’t know how to use there/their/they’re then you can find out here so I don’t annoy you and you don’t annoy me. And for the record:

There isn’t a vowel in my name. It’s just Max.