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I joined an online dating site, so you don’t have to. Tastebuds creates matches based on your music taste. I wrote a Feature on Music taste based online dating but had not gone on a date yet. That has finally changed.

There have been ongoing chats with several guys for a while but I finally bit the bullet and went out on a date with someone who shall remain anonymous. We had bonded over the song ‘Magic Dance’ from  Labyrinth (If you don’t know what that is, you need to. It’s a 1986 musical fantasy film starring David Bowie as a Goblin King, enough said).

But I’d had a difficult year in my personal life and was keeping my distance. I then mentioned to this person that I had received some bad news so he sent me a mixtape to cheer me up. And we had a winner.

Smack The Pony – Dating Agency Video

Yet I delayed and I rescheduled (which seems unkind considering I chose to use a dating site). Until finally I organised a meeting to allow for an easy out, if it didn’t go well. I recommend setting up some safety measures (someone I knew at a bar close by, who could drop in and save me) but to be honest, I didn’t. Luckily the date went well, we then went onto a second location then a third and have been out several times since.

Though my date went well, I would strongly recommend taking precautions when meeting up with someone (do not be embarrassed or shy, better to have a date, blush and be alive, than alone with a stranger).

Going on a date was definitely the right choice so there’s a new dilemma, as always. If one date with one guy went so well do I go on more dates with other users? I have been asked out and have the opportunity but what should I do? I’m hoping the situation will magically resolve itself because that happens.

Panic! At The Disco – ‘Maneater’ (Cover)

My top 5 rules for the first date (person and activity) are:

1.) Think their profile is super cool because it may seem shallow but a profile is your best qualities. If you don’t like their best qualities then cut and run.

2.) Trust the website when it says you have things in common because it gives you a jumping off point to start online chatter, otherwise you may struggle and wonder why that person wanted to talk to you if you have nothing in common (the answer is your profile picture or they’re desperate, no thanks).

3.) Send at least ten messages before going on a date because the internet may seem safer but it’s good to have a basis for meeting up with someone.

4.) It’s a cliché but meet in a public place because no matter how well you think you know this person there’s no rush and this is still someone you’ve never met.

5.) If you can, set the location yourself because then you’ll be more comfortable, do something/be somewhere you can talk about and relax.

Schmidt (New Girl) Online Dating Profile … From 2008